Thursday, January 5, 2012

208 Duecento Otto, Shueng Wan

This was during Christmas Eve, before I lost my dear iPhone 3GS (you're being missed) and also the night when I wore this outfit. As figured out, al Dente did not give me a call regarding their Christmas Eve menu, such a shame, they have really decent food but bad customer service. I e-mailed 208 to make a reservation weeks before and also handed in my credit card details, with high expectation of good food and obviously, better customer service.

Too bad, on our way to the restaurant, I left my phone on the taxi and customer service was definitely not my top concern at that time. But in the midst of trying to call my phone, the waiters did swiftly brought us to our table though they did made us wait a bit because of the crowd.

Not much comment on the service attitude as long as they are better than al Dente. Food wise, I have to say it was tad disappointing.

Complimentary bread

Polipo alla Piastra

Prosciutto di Parma

The starters were generally not bad, though the bread was a bit salty for my liking. Salumi were sliced thinly and every bite of it brings a little joy and fullness too. As for the octopus, perfectly grilled but the texture could be softer so that the chewing can be less tiring.

The parents who came over to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas with me. The generous daddy who agreed to splurge on that night, too bad the dinner wasn't that great.

Whole Roasted Sea Bass

208 Boston Lobster Fettuccine

Christmas Special Ravioli

As you can see the ravioli's presentation is dull to the core, total huge disappointment. Tasted pretty bland, changed my whole ravioli-will-never-go-wrong perception. Dad had a pretty hard time finishing the sea bass as he had to cleared out the fish bones while savouring the food at the same time, under the dim lighting. For mom, the mini lobster did not match her expectations but I think it was a better main course compared to mine.

So to reach the minimum spending that was required on that night, we ordered a few sweet treats at the end of the meal.

Another restaurant with a list of number of desserts that I can count by my own fingers. Both weren't so oh-la-la impressive and the apple pie's crust was slightly burnt.

Overall, given the hefty price we paid for this dinner, I will count this place as a hangout spot if I were to eat in Shueng Wan. Well, at least we manage to get some cheap, awesome food after that.

One more food post to update and that's it! Just had a home cook meal by another exchange from Hong Kong today, probably the cheapest ('cause it's free) and satisfying meal since I came here. Orientation starts tomorrow, can't wait to start class instead of bumming around and spending money.

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  1. I think the bread looked really good! I love ravioli but I must admit that this one looks a bit gross. The coffee looks good though x