About Me

The name is Su Ann. A Malaysian, now an exchange student in University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Second year student, home university is in Hong Kong and I'm majoring in Global Business and Finance.

I would never turn down an invitation to great food. My passion lies in arts and social media and family plays the largest part of my life. I might sometimes get too comfortable with where I am now but when challenges knock on the door, saying no is not something I would do.

Used to be an editorial intern for Tongue in Chic (Malaysia) and a freelance contributor at COVER Magazine (HK). Seeking for opportunities to break out of the editorial imaginery box, welcome any possibilities that is related to fashion.

This blog used to be about food, fashion and fotography, but for the first half year of 2012 I've decided to turn the focus of this blog on my life in Hawaii as an exchange.

When you're through with it, beautiful and amazing things just happen. Making you feel more contented than ever. - Su Ann

E vanessa[dot]suanntan[at]gmail[dot]com