Friday, January 6, 2012

Changed priorities

From an all-time good food lover to someone with a messed up sleeping cycle. It's close to 12a.m here and I just woke up from my so-called nap. HEH.

Good food is no longer something that's on top on my list, since I have a really have a hard time even finding place for food. While napping just became something that I would do everyday since I pretty much have nothing else to do other than surfing the net. Can't believe I chose nap over Yogurtland, which is just right next to my dorm just now.

What has happened to me!? Haven't been taking pictures around too, so I now, spontaneously decided to make myself a to-do list for tomorrow.

1. Get textbooks
2. Walk around the campus
4. Try Taco Bell

Don't do this kind of babbling post often, guess I'm just too furious with myself letting sleep taking over my life. PFFT! Well, at least I've been updating my blog almost everyday since I came here.

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