Monday, September 3, 2012

On hiatus

I would like to use this post to officially announce that I will go on hiatus for a month. Nothing hurts more than to have yourself dissatisfied with your own blog layout, and hence the lack of blogging mojo. That's right, it means while entering my final year of university life, I will be busting my ass learning HTML and CSS to make my own brand new blog layout.

Just be sure to get back here near October.

Updates: Until I renovate my new site, then only I'll be back. Till then sorry for my absence.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just a ritual

Not too bad for a photo taken using my iPhone aye? Here I am, the 7th time in HKIA this year. Heading home for the second round this summer, staying for almost 2 weeks. Then, I'll be back in HK to finish my final year and graduate next summer.

Until the summer ends, I'm just going to slack like a bum for now, doing nothing but eat Asian food like a beast.

It's becoming a ritual for me to sip on a tall Green Tea Frap and update my blog while I wait to board my flight.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Out of town for the weekend

So I've ended my 4-week summer school and spent almost a week living like a tourist in NYC. I finally get to be out of town and away from the ever-busy New York City. I'm not saying I hate it, it's just that you need some time out from the stinky streets in New York.

Boston is lovely, though I've only seen it under the bright moonlight yesterday. I'm looking forward to explore it and have tones of yummy food for the weekend.

The first stop after my 5-hour bus ride. Quincy Market for dinner!

Boston's specialty, the lobster roll and clam chowder.

Look, I wasn't joking or trying to sound cool when I mentioned 'bright moonlight'.

The company, Vincent for the next 2 and a half day.

Signing off now, as you guys are going to tuck yourselves in bed, I'm going to hunt for a good breakfast place.