Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Studded Collar

I don't really do DIYs because I prefer to keep how my clothing the way they are. But this DIY was inspired by one of those artistic pictures that I came across and coincidentally I have this one shirt that I'm having a love-hate relationship with it.

What you'll need:
Collared button down shirt

First, you'll need to find some inspiration. Trust me, I had all these images in my head when I lay down the shirt and studs on the table. It's hard to visualise all of it, so my advice it try to find some design that you might like on the net and make some changes while you're doing afterwards.

For me, I spent my first half an hour scrolling through Tumblr.

After having a little idea on how to start, you can now lay out the items. I used my Cotton On denim shirt, which I got it during sales. The colour has faded and it's no where near denim blue but I still love to have it in my closet. So I decided to put it up for a DIY.

The outcome! It's like a substitute for the collar tips trend and it spices up my outfit when I match it with a sweater.

My 2-and-a-half-year long companion just died on me and the pictures for this posts were taken using my mom's Lumix GF-2. Still exploring all those function on the mini semi pro camera.

In exactly 24 hours from now, I'll be back in Hong Kong.

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