Thursday, October 13, 2011

Collar Tips Trend

Under the fashion tag, it's only about posts on my so-so style shots and just a recent review on the upcoming launching of H&M x Versace collection. Unlike most of my peers, I spend more time slacking surfing around fashion websites instead of the Business Insider, I've decided to write and share more interesting stuff that I find on the net. One main reason that actually stopped me from doing so previously was my reluctance to use others' pictures.

If you've been spending most of your hours scrolling and going on the Stockholm Street Style or browsing through Balenciaga's Spring/Summer 2012, then you might have notice the collar tips trend. Here's the ones sold out on ASOS site (Pictures credits to ASOS).

I was so disappointed to see it all sold out and so I quickly Googled to check if there's any other places selling it. Then, I stumbled upon Honestly WTF's DIY Collar Tips.

Picture credits to Honestly WTF

I'll probably get my hands on the essential stuff and work a pair of collar tips by myself, probably. Oh and Zara do have a collar-tipped shirt as well, retailing around RM500 apparently. Anyhoo, I'll still drop by and check out to see the real piece.

Collar tips spotted on Rihanna's boyfriend shirt in her We Found Love music video. Versace x H&M also nabbed this trend, found here.

Find that DIY abit tedious, here's a much much MUCH simpler one.


  1. hey! thanks for linking my site, i appreciate it :) (so many bloggers never link their sources) //dariadaria

  2. Hi Madeleine, thanks for dropping by and it's something I should do! :) so no problemo about it.