Thursday, January 12, 2012

Comfort Food

Back in Hong Kong, Crumbs was my comfort food. Since I came here, I haven't quite have a meal that makes me go woolala except for the hefty breakfast last weekend. That was until yesterday when I tried the curry and roti from my campus. It was the most satisfying meal, with only $2, and the guy at the stall even gave me an extra roti for free! I felt so guilty for not giving him tips after I got back, still not quite used to this whole tipping system.

That nice guy gave me so much curry that I was able to save it for my dinner to go with my packet of microwavable rice as well.

Just came back from the International Exchange party, manage to meet more than 5 new friends, BOOYAHH! Considering the fact that I am an awkward socialiser, that is a pretty big number for me. It's been barely a week yet and I'm already getting intimidated by the amount of work and group projects that are awaiting me this semester. Who said that being an exchange allows you to chill, I need a freaking 60% to pass! Still, I can't wait to make some plans to go around other islands. HEH!

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  1. There's a Crumbs really near where I live! We used to crave it on really hot summer days and would walk back to my apartment with it thinking we could enjoy it indoors. It would all melt by the time we got back inside. :S