Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's On Your Feet This Fall?

It's been a dreadful week and I'm glad that it has come to an end and here it is, my lovely weekend! Though I have to confess, this is the first time that I tried making no plans for it 'cause I know my academic workload is not quite done yet.

Anyway, all I have been thinking of this week was about this topic that I am going to share and what good food to have this weekend, typical me.

I've been longing to write about these footwear but what I've been finding was the name of the footwear and finally, in a week, I came across the names. That week, just had to be the week when I'm busy preparing for my mid terms, life.


Slippers from Topshop; worn here, the missing shoe found!

Slippers or some may call it loafers, is one of my new additions this fall. When I shop, there are a few reasons that I use to convince myself that it would be a good deal. In this case, I picked it because it reminded me a bit of Michael Jackson and my instinct told me that this is the item that I should get at that time.

As accurate as my instinct could be, I came across the Christian Louboutin Rollerball Spikes Loafers right after I got mine. There is a slight different, the front flap of slippers is actually shallower than a proper loafer design.

Credits: here

Wicked isn't it? This also reminds me of my spikey.

Chelsea boots is the it winter footwear this year. This of course is on my wishlist right now, *hint hint*.

My ideal Chelsea boot, much similar to Dr Martens 2976. Next up is also one DIY project I've found some time ago and have been itching to share!

Do you smell a DIY project from this picture? I do! So here you go, a DIY Sparkly Boots done by Steph and Trish from Le.Fanciulle.

Credits: Le.Fanciulle

The glittery trend has been going on for quite some time now, since it's a really simple and cheap DIY. I reckon it could even be done on your old pair of sneakers, cue from Miu Miu Fall 2011 Glitter Sneakers. If you happen to be one those who needs to rely on a tutorial for the sneakers, no fret, here's one!

So, what's on your feet this fall?

Despite having to go through all the troubles to leave the credits and source everywhere for the right information to share about what I love, it's worth it after all. As cliche as it may sound, sharing is caring and at the same time, I get to stumble upon so many more wonderful, inspiring blogs!

Next week isn't going to be any easier and hence my apologies if I don't update as frequent as I would want to.


  1. Great blog, fantastic photos!

    I love the pair of studded shoes! That would be great with so many outfits, I can just imagine..

    I can't believe you made those shoes! :)


  2. Thanks Angelica! :) The shoes is from Topshop, wish I could be that awesome to make those. :P