Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple or Grapes?

I vaguely remembered something I learn in class today about a marketing theory where people can adopt to a presence of a new brand and eventually some of the users will become the brand evangelist for it. It sucks to not remember the proper thing.

Well Apple is one of the brand that makes almost all of its user a proud owner of their gadgets. It is a big loss for us when Steve Jobs died on the 5th of October, last Wednesday. He made a better change to the existing technology and changed everyone's perception towards it.

It's been a week but still, condolences goes out to his family.


Ji Ho told me that I look less stress than I was compared to last semester. I have to admit, there is an inverse proportional relationship (nerdy much) between the time I spend in the library and the stress that I put on to myself. Plus, last semester was a bit tougher since I was struggling to pull my grades up to maintain the scholarship.

This semester it's all different. It's more work-life balance plus less shopping and unnecessary outings. I bet some of my friends will disagree with the less shopping part. But anyhoo, I've been going to the library almost every weekday and only give myself some time out for a nap on the Friday.


I eat too much and exercise too little. That explains the spare tyre that's slowly appearing on my waistline. The time when I decided to exercise was also the time when I overstretched my hamstring. I've been in pain for almost 2 days now, any sudden quick or swift movement from walking will make me suffer.

Pfft, I thought only my stamina sucks, even my muscle is in baaaaaad shape.

So, that's some updates on recent stuff. I really have to stop ending my posts awkwardly.

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