Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking A Break

Haven't really been a dedicated blogger lately and that explains my pathetic daily hits. :(

I'm taking a break from blogging to focus more on my finals. However, when I'm back, I promise to have a brand new blog skin and more updates on food in Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia. :)

Before ending right here, I'll write on a street food and a cutesy cafe I came across in Korea.

Pretty aye? :)

I was so deprived of pretty cafes with unique themes while I was in Hong Kong. I think the different lifestyle here doesn't quite allow much business potential for such cafes in Hong Kong. If you're considering SoHo, I doubt you could find such place to actually let you spend an affordable amount of money while having a looooooooong chill time there.

My first macaroon experience! If I'm not wrong, there're quite a few branches of this cafe in Korea, so just try googleing it if you're interested in dropping by.

Being an avid food lover, I eat wherever I go. I hardly say no to street foods too. This egg bread,is called Gyeran-ppang in Korean. Something I just came across when I was curious putting my head into one of the tents on the street. Definitely a must-try!

I kinda gave up the idea of writing a day-to-day post for Korea since the trip happened a long time ago. So I'm just going to post a bit of this and that which I think is worth sharing. :)

Did I mentioned this would be my last post till semester end? :( Till then, xoxo.

No expectation, no dissapointment.

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