Thursday, May 12, 2011

Toughest Job In The World

Toughest job in the world? Being a parent. Yes, I just said that the previous post would be my last post till my finals end, well I felt the need to write this after watching the YouTube video below.

And, I did cry.

Being a parent is an ever learning job, they can't just quit saying it's tough or complain that it's not something they expect it to be. Every decision they make, influences their kid's act; every word they say, affects their child's behavior.

Who says earning a decent income to support a child's diapers expenses and tuition fees is the best proof that you're ready to be a parent. I say, they need mentally ready as well.

When I was on my flight back to Malaysia last weekend, I met this man from Canada who now resides in Malaysia. He was reading this article about critical thinking. Being curious, I asked if I could borrow the article from him after he finished reading it. He asked me, if critical thinking actually helped me to look from different angles when I make a decision or when I tackle a problem. He took all the trouble to google, finding articles and books on critical thinking, all because he wanted to see if there's ways to help his kids. It's not like his kids can't take care of themselves, they're both much older than me and are doing well academically apparently. He was worried because both of his sons just can't seem to look at things from a different angle and always insists on their opinions being right.

Frankly, I never thought that such problem actually could concerned a parent. Guess I kind of underestimated the job as a parent.

Trust me, your parents actually worry about your everything even until the day you get married. No matter what, you'll always be a kid to them. Don't ever complain about this fact, knowing you have parents who still cares, makes you luckier than so many of those who've lost their parents and are actually hunger for such love.

Family, the ones who accept you for you are, never ever doubt that. They will be there whenever you need them. In today's society, when you have everyone turning you against their back, you know you always have your family to back you up no matter what.

Being away from home, makes me appreciate my family even more. My dad has been a great dad to me, I was treated as an adult ever since I got into college. Mom, even better, cooks whatever I want whenever I'm home. Brother, let's just say, he doesn't complain that much anymore when I hug him. :)

So I'm dedicating this post to my parents. Thank you for letting me make my stupid choices and learning from my mistakes and also constantly 'looking after' me on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey, aren't you guys just glad this post is not about food and for a change, your tummy's not grumbling after reading my blog at this hour? :D but I bet, I just made those who're studying overseas more homesick than ever. Skype them just to say hi, that'll make their day, just like how we, youngsters feel when we have a chance to talk to the person we like. :)

You can eat whatever you want, just put it on my tab. - My dad

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