Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Murphy's Law

A few days ago I was reading Yi Wei's blog on how things just got really bad for her in a day, I was just nodding throughout the whole post, feeling grateful that I haven't had such bad experience yet. Well, today it was the Murphy's Law Day for me.

I treasure every single piece of my wardrobe staples and one of them include the jeggings that I got from H&M a year ago. Somehow when I came back from the kitchen in the common room, I notice this pink stain on my jeggings. Panicked worrying that the stain is permanent, I quickly took a cotton pad dipped with Chlorox and placed it on the stain. After only dabbing the stain, I was horrified with the results. From there, I just knew I've lost my 'loyal friend' forever. :(

The only way to make me not feel too sad is to take a nap, hoping that everything will be alright after that. So that's just what I did. I went to class on time, took a seat in the last row alone.

The chair next to me was spoilt and so I sat on the one which wasn't. Then this guy came into the room, wanting to sit beside his friend. I'm thinking you roughly know what happens next. Yes, he did told me to move over so that he could take my seat. Me, half awake from my nap, tried to explain to him 'the seat is spoilt', pointing at the faulty spot while he, I wasn't sure was his English so bad that he couldn't understand what I said, insisted that I move over. Pissed and annoyed, I gave up explaining to him when the convo was inviting to many 'turning heads', I took the seat. Sitting on an uncomfortable seat, attending the lecture of the subject which I'm weak at, listening to my least favorite professor's lecture, pissed me off even more.

Then, this happened.

The Z key came off when the cardboard fell on my keyboard. :( Luckily I manage to put it back.

Well, I always tell myself that even though unlucky things do happen, that doesn't mean nothing good stuffs aren't tapping on your shoulder.

I'm grateful that my FINA group mates were more awake than me to solve the calculation problems during the tutorial class this morning. I'm glad that Anson accompanied me while I gobbled my McD early dinner just now while he had his scrumptious tea time meal. I feel lucky 'cause Park 'n' Shop did not ran out of bread this time. :)

Basically, there's lots more to be happy 'bout, but human beings just tend to remember the bad stuffs more vividly compared to those things that they should be contented about. Okay, that's for it for now, please love my new blogskin and I hope everyone's having a better day than I the one I had! (:

Moving on is easy. It’s staying moved on that’s trickier. — Katerina Stoykova Klemer

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