Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a good day and therefore it deserves a post

Today's weather was beyond awesome! (: Finally it's spring, Mr Sun was out today, shining through my windows.

And so I decided to bring my cam out for a walk while I make my way to the computer barn to print some notes.

Walked along the sea, around the outdoor sports area for some fresh air and breeze. I took some time off from the evil social network temptations by leaving my iPhone in my room. Sat on the platform and chilled.

Zara loafers; Topshop purse

As for the next picture, I bet you can guess what it is when a camera, a girl and an awesome view come together.

H&M top; Thrifted shorts; Casio watch

That's all for today, anyways the weather is turning cold again.

Yesterday me and the girls had a spontaneous dinner out in Sai Kung. This time I brought my cam out for the Pepperoni's that I've been bragging about in my previous post!

It takes time and the right person, so don't rush it.

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