Monday, January 24, 2011

Watami, Hong Kong - The Good Food Time

Yesterday's lunch out with the girls. Watami, a Japanese restaurant which serves better Jap food than Pasta or Sushi Zanmai back home. Get what I mean? :) They are always packed during lunch and dinner hours just like Zanmai. I blogged about it once here.

I'm starting to love beef since I came here. Especially there was once I did the shabu-shabu in Causeway Bay, that restaurant was fantabulous! :D Will definitely head over there and blog for you guys aye! :)

Few other dishes which I conveniently forgot to take pictures of it. :( Had some catching ups since we haven't quite meet after the semester ended.

Then only I realise how unprepared I am for the Korea trip. Quickly had a hunting session around Hang Hau with Ronny. Hopefully the heat pads I bought last minute will help me survive through the trip. :)

Shall do my last minute check on my luggage then perhaps I'll write some posts to put on queue.

I'm starting to lose my directions.

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