Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheung Chao Trip

Thousand apologies for the lack of updates and as promised, here's the pictures from my previous Cheung Chao trip. :)

The Asian guy in the picture is my host dad. Thank you so much for the trip and also the seafood! :D

One of the shot which I'm quite proud of, took it while waiting for the food to be served.

Next, the pictures which most of you have a love-hate feeling for it. Food, I just love posting pictures of food at night! :P

I personally don't even now what's that, but I do know it tasted freaking good! :)

Scallop, love the way the prepared it.

Fish! Like finally! I haven't ate fish meat since I came here, minus the time when I had it with noodles when I was sick.

Crab :) mini crab actually.

I did enjoy the trip very much, thanks to my host dad for spending his precious Sunday with me. :)

Broken with a smile. 

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