Saturday, October 23, 2010

when the stress kicks in

When the stress kicks in, find ways to release it. My way, it includes having good food and shopping. Well I did both of them in one night.

I had hotpot today with the Koreans, Japanese and Spanish guys. :D

It costs me $48 but it was definitely worth it. The soup was so yummy that I almost finish it! :) Ended up with a bulging tummy again. Then I headed to Central alone for H&M. I got myself some formal wears for tomorrow. Also, preparing myself for the coming winter, I got this scarf which wasn't on sale but I really wanted it so yea, I splurged. Other than that, the jeans and skirt I bought was only $70 and $50. They had some dresses tagged $100, I was so tempted to get it but yeah, I manage to stop myself and also I'm so proud that I actually put a top back 'cause I figured out I didn't really need one. :D

H&M in Central, the largest H&M store in Hong Kong. You can get there by the Central MTR Station and have a 3-5 minutes walk after getting out from the Exit D2.

Dressing up releases stress too. :)

Top: Cotton On
Jeans: Bandung
Shoes: Vincci Accessories
Scarf: Topshop
Necklace: Diva & Custom made
Watch: Casio

get well soon.

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