Tuesday, October 19, 2010

where did you came from

I just realise the jacket that's been with me every night is already more than 6 years old. Back then, when I was in my secondary school, I always thought owning a Body Glove jacket was a cool thing. I remember myself begging mama to buy me this jacket. Who knew that it's now my favourite companion to bed these days. :)

Look at how things have change, from Body Glove I switch to Mango. My love for Mango has never stop just that I usually go for their stuffs when it's on sale. I can say that, you'll never go wrong or uncomfortable with Mango jeans. NEVER, and I feel lucky 'cause I made the right choice to alter almost all my Mango jeans before I came over here. Right now, I just slip on any pair of it and hop off to classes without the hassle to fold it up.

Okay, that was just super random. HAHA! Back to the updates on my daily life. I just went over to Hang Hao again, I know, for MOS burger. OMAIGOD MAMA, sho OH-sum! :) Not sure what happen to me, I bought two boxes of facial masks. I'm not a person who puts on facial masks regularly and I also find applying toner and moisturiser after cleansing a hassle. Now, tell me, why did I bought the masks again!? LOL! Also, instead of getting my favourite Euphoria by CK. I bought two mini perfumes, Cheap and Chic by Moschino and Be Delicious by DKNY. I major love the Moschino's scent, maybe I'll get a proper bottle of it when I can finally afford it. :)

Yesterday night, I almost died rushing an assignment. I was mentally raped. LOL! Lucky for me, a Ping! message saved my life. :D Also, had a Skype session with Ju-Hann when I was having my lunch in the cafe. Odd but it was definitely nice catching up with him! Let's not miss out his girlfriend Amanda as well, we did chat and talk about Malaysian foods that we miss. Apparently, I'm going back to Malaysia too late. Well, I'm kinda filled in for the night I land and the next day itself. :)

I can't wait for mid term to end and someone to come over here. Neways, wish me luck people so that you don't need to read my rants about my sucky results here! 

i love the way you put it. 

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