Monday, June 28, 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

Looking at Yasmine's post on Urbanscapes motivated me to update my blog as well. So thanks to her, I've decided to edit and upload the pictures. Since I'm off from college and have ample of time, I've decided to make it a habit to put a watermark on my pictures which will be put up on my blog.


Yasmine & me *omg, my gone kuku brows*



The two beauties, Kai LeeTing

I didn't took much pictures while I was walking around. So most of the shots were potraits of my friends. Yasmine spotted me in Urbanscapes and the first thing I was like, HEY PICTURES! AHAHAHA! Come to think about it, I was kinda rude for not greeting her first. Sorry Yasmine! :) Anyway it was really nice meeting her, love the tutu skirt she wore.
Overall, Urbanscapes 2010 was just a so-so event, but given a chance I'll definitely go there again.

Quit the Urbanscapes 2010 topic, it's been 10 months since the 4 of us gather together. I just only realise the place we hangout together for both last year and this year were in KL. Last year's plan to celebrate Ting's birthday at Skybar, Trader's Hotel failed 'cause we were stuck in the usual Friday Kayelle jam. This year, thanks to Kai Bin, we had our dinner and chilled at Palate Palette.

Yep, next post will be on Palate Palette and it'll be with more pictures in it. I promise. :)

i'm not ready and i don't want to.

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