Thursday, April 19, 2012


Although I do love food and fashion blogging but MEHHH, I've temporarily lost my passion in doing it. Just temporarily, I promise to share my love for food and fashion once my feet touch down in Hong Kong.

An amateur typography I did today for myself. Let go, move on, but never rush - an excerpt I found on Tumblr. Anyhoo, I've learning some basic HTML editing and photoshop since I started blogging and Friendster, yes definitely a long time ago. So this summer I've decided to step up my game and will be attending summer school in Parsons The New School for Design for Graphic Design. Did I mention I'll be turning 21 in New York too!?

So my plans for this summer July is basically set, June hopefully I can get a summer job and as for August, I might bum around HK. Oh, should find time to go back Malaysia too.


  1. su ann, i LOVE typography stuff and what you did is awesome. secondly major congrats on the summer school! I am sure it will be all kinds of amazing, plus what better place to turn 21.

    - Ankita

    1. Hi Ankita! :) Thanks and yes, I can't wait to explore a new city too :D will be back soon and we should hang for some photography outing :P

  2. Hahah this is what I do when I need to pep talk myself and make posters from them. You should try printing it and framing it!