Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Izakaya Nonbei, Honolulu

No doubt I've been complaining how good-food-deprived I am here in Hawai'i but mainly it's because I haven't been actively wandering around the island and also am a bit intimidated to do so. Seeing homeless people sleeping on the streets, walking around with a push carts was actually the only culture shock that I experienced here and this is also the reason that I've made myself stay in my room more often.

Then again, I won't deny that there are actually pretty impressive hole in the walls around the island. Izakaya Nonbei is one of it and dayumm, the variety of good Japanese places on the island does not stop here!

Sharing the same liking as the boy, this places serves incredible Tamagoyaki (egg sushi)! Blogging about these just makes me want to have another round of it again!

The other dishes, also fanta-licious! My favorite was the wafu steak, the tenderness of the meat was impeccable. If you know me well, you could probably imagine me saying SO GOOOOOOOD, right after having it.

I've decided to share some of my favorite places in Hawaii and my trips to other island and California! Till I get back to Hong Kong, this blog will lack some fashion updates.

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