Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kailua Beach Getaway

Weekends feels a little bit longer when you start it off perfectly on the Friday night and still manage to wake up early the next morning, and also for the following one. Hawai'i was soaked during the weekend, the lack of sunshine just forced me to spend more time with my bed, in the morning half awake.

Instead of the usual Waikiki beach, I spent the Saturday afternoon at the Kailua's, a small town that's 30 minutes away from the heart of Hawaii. Though the weather that day wasn't at its best, its fine sand and foamy sea water when washed upon the shore was enough to make up for my trip there.

Except for the lack of good food here, I'm probably having one of the best times of my life right now. No worries, but just enjoy what's left during my university life.