Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here goes!

Not going to promise any updates but here goes a short one before I settle down for this busy week. Thanks to those who still visit my blog although it hasn't been updated for more than a week.

Days in Hawai'i has been filled with more exciting activities like surfing and getting my back sun burn and also waking up at 5am for a sunrise hike. Not missing home as much as I was when I first came here because now I can cook spaghetti that tastes like home whenever I want to! Just joking, mom's cooking is always the best.

Anyhoo, pictures were taken during the Makapu'u hike. If you're wondering if I squeezed into the broken fence and broke the law, why yes! We ended up being 'chased' by the coastguard that came hovering over us in a helicopter.

So that's it for now. Till I decide to stick my bum onto the chair and have the patience to upload the pictures and add some words to it.


  1. Hi! I found your blog through and I really like your blog :)! I browsed through your 'fashion' page and they are all great :D! I'm surprised that you are one of the TIC's interns as well because I like reading that website :) Hope to see more posts from you! Great photos btw!
    xx, Adrina :)

  2. Hi Adrina :) Glad you enjoy my blog! HAHAH! I'll try to update this blog as frequently as possible :)