Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Talk About Layering

A quick post before I passed out. It's the perfect time of the year to do layering, not hair, I mean layering different pieces to create a chic outfit that keeps me warm.

So this was what I wore for Yardbird on Friday night.

Knitted Cardigan: H&M
Denim Shirt: 5cm
Stripes Tee: H&M
Black Skinnies: Bandung
Suede Slippers: Topshop
Envelope Clutch: H&M

I have a face that its shape is like a bread now and hair, which is so long that I don't know which side to flip it to. Perfectly depicts my life as a hobo's university life.

Days after finals isn't easy and carefree, I am now working for COVER Magazine to earn some moolah before I fly away. First day of work is good, reminds me of the good times back in Tongue in Chic.

Will update more when I get my camera back.

Oh, and I got my brows done and myself a new pair of specs. As I've said, no camera no latest, recent updates. Boo.

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