Thursday, November 17, 2011

Versace for H&M Timeline

One of the must-dos when you're in Hong Kong, ticked! Queued the whole night, waiting for the launch of Versace for H&M. First time I slept on the streets, my parents would probably call me up on Skype after reading this post and call me crazy. Well, that's the whole point. Me, Maggie and Ida decided there's no better time to do crazy stuff other than when you're in the university phase. I wouldn't say that I did that in the name of fashion, 'cause I wasn't too enthusiast in the whole collection. We did it because we thought it was crazy and we'll probably only going to do it once in a lifetime.

So it all started after we left Carnegie's.

1.45 a.m - Reached Central, found the line and got settled. All we had was a bottle of water.

3.00 a.m - Started a little reading but ended up having a long chat on job opportunities with Ida.

4.00 a.m - Stoned a while, decided that I should sleep since Ida was already treating my book as her pillow.

5.30 a.m - Woke up for a slight while then went back to sleep again. Felt shitty and thought, why am I doing this again?

6.00 a.m - Central was back to its usual busy scene. Hearing trucks and buses passing by, not helpful at all for me to fall back asleep.

6.30 a.m - H&M team started briefing on how the queueing system works.

6.55 a.m - Bands were handed out.

7.30 a.m - I went around and scouted for a few style shots.

8.05 a.m - Everyone was ushered into H&M.

This was the moment that we all been waiting for. After all, we weren't entirely there for the clothing. The first batch went in at 8.05 a.m and we were on the outside looking at the people, literally sweeping every single thing on the shelves. It was definitely a jaw-dropping moment.

Since we had more than an hour to kepoh (read: meddle) around, we talked to the people who bought not 2, not 3 but 7 huge ass bags of Versace for H&M and to know that they've spent HKD 40,000 on it. At the store front, they were even 'paparazzis' shooting away and interviewing the shoppers that came out of the store with more than 5 number of bags. We even manage to see people putting on masks so that they won't be recognise by their friends or colleagues if they picture happen to be published to the public.

Crazy huh? All three of us totally agree the night spent outside on the street was kind of justified.

9.10 a.m - Queued a while outside the designated area and started discussing on which item was worth getting.

10.15 a.m - Decided, paid and left the store.

It was good that we were pretty calm about the whole process. Maggie even helped someone to pick the stuff since she didn't have anything in mind that she really wanted to get. Me and Ida even chatted with a guy from the H&M's support office while waiting for our turns.

If you were wondering, some people did camp there as early as 7p.m for the money. I saw people exchanging the bands while walking to MacDonalds and they were paid for more than HKD500. The people that was bagging all the Versace for H&M products, no doubt some of them would actually sell them on the eBay or Yahoo Market.

Also, bumped into the all-time Lookbook celebrity, Camille and took a style shot of her as well. She's such a sweetheart!

By the way, some updates already done at the Shop.


  1. Thanks for the post, line doesn't release where I am for another day. I was wondering how big the scarf was. =]

  2. As mentioned in the post it's 30" x 30" Juki :)

  3. I posted about my Versace haul here:

    Luckily I won a Twitter contest and got to go in early and shop alone :) I did get papped on the way out and ended up in some of the UK papers, lol.

  4. Which pieces did you get? I ordered the leopard skirt from eBay because my local H&M didn't carry the line. Here I am playing tennis in it earlier today:

  5. Hi Celeste! My favorite piece was the leopard print skirt too :) and I really should blog about my H&M Versace haul soon :P

  6. I would so have camped out for it if I could have done. I wanted a piece so so bad and was gutted when it had all sold out and you're right about people selling it on eBay but the prices are ridiculous. I have the jacket that the girl on the right is wearing in your outfit scouting photo. It's from H&M. I love your blog and am following you on Google and Bloglovin.

  7. Haha thanks Sophi! And yes, but there has also been a lot of refunds in the stores right now, looks like it was a wrong investment for some of those who just bought it for the purpose of selling. :)