Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure,
it could happen either way,
directly, indirectly or maybe both.

Peer pressure,
it brings either the best or the worst of you.

Motivation, encouragement, and support,
everything you need,
just when you think that your family doesn't care.

However peer pressure,
it pushes you to spend the money you think you have,
it tricks you into enjoying things you thought you would,
it subconsciously helps you in making a decision,
it strays you from your own path.

When all is gone,
when you're all alone,
are you everything you've wanted to be?
or you're just another clone of someone?

Live life with no second thoughts,
be happy, be sad, be confused,
there's no right and wrong for it.

Easier said then done.

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