Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello there, have you seen KL?

Brought my mom's new toy, Lumix GF-2 out yesterday for a tour around Kayelle. Dad took a day off as well, just to bring me out for Village Park. TEEHEE, jokes, I'm not that spoilt.

Ever since I moved to PJ, I've hearing raves about Village Park Nasi Lemak. Not until this summer did I get to have a taste of the curry chicken. Yesterday, was my first time stepping into their shop.

My portion. Later on, I added squid and another fried egg. It's a norm for me to have fried egg with nasi lemak, even the simplest nasi lemak, those with only sambal, ikan bilis, hard-boiled egg and rice. That's why my kitchen forte, is frying egg.


Spent my public holiday being a tourist around KL city. I enjoyed sightseeing so much that I couldn't be bother to complain about the scorching heat.

Central Market, KL

Well obviously the whole family did not just went down to KL by LRT for nothing. At least, I won't do that.

Now I can proudly go around and brag that I've been to the oldest temple in KL. Sin Sze Si Ya Temple, located behind the Central Market, was our main focus for the day. Me and my brother were told to pray for our studies, good thing for me since I just had a rough semester. Hopefully, the following ones will be better.

Dad took us for a detour. This is the place where my grandpa used to work. On the way back my dad told me, so next time you can bring your children there and tell them that's where your grandpa used to work. Well guys, I would definitely love to show you a picture of how my face was at that time but too bad I don't have one.

If you've ever took a peek out of the window while taking the LRT to KL, you should be pretty familiar with these graffiti. I kind of grew up looking at these, and it always strike me as to how do these people ever get down there and are these illegal, you know we call it as menconteng.

I am never good at taking scenery pictures, sorry to bore you guys with these point-and-shoot photos. But yeah, at least now I can say I've traveled around KL like a tourist.

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