Saturday, July 9, 2011

Head Over Heels

Did I mention that I got my nails done for the first time? I had the express manicure for only SGD 5 in Far East Plaza. I got too bored when I was exploring Orchard Road by myself on the last day of the trip.

Okay, I did promise to write about Haji Lane but today, being a Saturday, I just want to write something easier. So yesterday I forced my brother to help take style shots for me and here it is.

Pants: Monki
Heels: H&M
Watch: Casio
Belt: H&M

And to all of you who are still looking at my heels in awe, yes I did wore the heels for a whole day. I am quite proud of myself actually. For those who know me really well are very certain that I've always been on the flats team, well flip flops would be even better!

My day for yesterday started off by me attending Melinda Looi x Tesco, somewhat like a press conference event. It was my first event to attend all by myself. Pretty intimidating but it was an eye opener nonetheless.

I finally got through my first working week, tiring but fruitful. So longing for a chilling beer night with my peeps, but thanks to the road blocks and jam the plan had to be cancelled. Well, there's always another Friday.

Also, just a little two very different shout outs here. First of all, to all those who are on the #Bersih rally, stay safe! Next, if you like taking style shots like I do, share it with everyone on Style Snaps. It's only been a week since I joined FreeForm but I am already doing shout outs for them. Semangat betul.

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