Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend's here!

I decided to be a hobo tonight. Stayed in, made my own meal and watched a movie to pass my Friday night.

No Strings Attached was a really nice movie, no boring moments and there's even a touchy scene that almost made me teared. (: Definitely worth watching!

This picture does not justify the awesomeness of my dinner. Bread topped with the canned minced meat from Marks & Spencer and a slice of cheese. Then I had a bowl of my favourtie packet noodles from MAMA to go with it. I got to say, I sure am a big eater.

Another week has gone and here comes my hectic week filled with deadlines and quizzes again. Looking from the bright side, I am going to have a day off from each week for the next coming four weeks! Yes, FOUR weeks! Hong Kong's public holidays sure is awesome.

Interviews went well and lucky me, Ilissa from Milk & Honey Shoes actually suggested if I could work as a part-timer for them next semester too since they were actually finding for someone who could work for a longer period of time. I still trying to ask around for opinions on the university's workload, I sure don't want to end up ranting non-stop on my blog again. :)

Tomorrow, I'll be out meeting Huan and Nana. Can't wait to get hold on my favourite local snacks, Twisties! *noms* Also, it's time for me to chill and just hangout with my friends back home.

Moving on and looking back won't work if it both happen at the same time.

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