Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sawaddee Thailand Restaurant, Sai Kung


and Ronny who's not camera shy

After waiting for them to finish their Mr Froyo, we wandered around Sai Kung to find a place for food. In the end we settled with Thai cuisine in Sawaddee Thailand restaurant.

Since I was having a sore throat and ran out of Ho Yan Hor tea bags, I drank two cups of lime juice. :) One of the best drink to go with Thai food too.


Pineapple Fried Rice

Mixed Platter

Tom Yam Kung

Food was really really spicy! I missed taking pictures for the thai papaya salad and vegetables. Then again, it was a good-food night out with the girls and Stephen. :)

So far this week has been treating me well, no stress from the quizzes as I only have a presentation this week. I've been trying to find an internship for this summer since I won't have any place to go for holidays. Well lucky me, I just got invited for an informal interview for this company that I am really interested in, Milk & Honey Shoes.

Wish me luck people!

If you call that a relationship, I can only say that you haven't encounter real love.

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