Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Extra 5 Marks

These are my group mates. The pictures were taken on the night before our presentation, when everyone was busy trying to put the ideas together. One of my group mate was sick, but we tried skype-meeting.

The meeting ended at 11pm, got myself back to the dorm and started my work. I did the slides till 5am in the morning, crawled to bed and slept. Now, it's like a dejavu from last year when I was working on the slides for my management course till the wee hours, but this time it was more productive.

All the hard work paid off, we were voted as the best group. For me there was a trade off, I missed my pop quiz which was in the next morning so now I would have to work harder in the actual quiz to be ahead of the others.

My dad always tell me, don't compete with the others, just do your best. Well, frankly, if I would live on the quote he mentioned I might have died long time ago. :( Here, you must strive to be the best among all. Being complacent with your current achievement, like scoring 80% in a quiz, doesn't mean you're good. It just simply mean you're doing your job, whether you're doing it well or not, it's another story. The grades here are given based on the distribution curve of everyone's score. There's not upper or lower limit to score an A, you have to be the best 20% in your class to get an A. That's what I call competition.

For this semester, I spend more time on my own. Less on the streets but more in the room. Trying my best to pick up the grades. Well, let's just say I'm trying to do my job well.

Just came back from a dinner and movie. :) It's been long since I did something like that, thanks to Jinny and Ray.

Don't expect, just hope.

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