Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do Better

Woke up slightly early today despite only having one class in the afternoon and pulled myself our of the bed for Yoga. Every morning, the first thing which runs through my mind would be the plans and classes I have for the day, then I'll move on thinking whether do I need the extra minutes of sleep so that I can survive through the day. Today, it wasn't any different. I thought that it would be worthwhile for me to do some Yoga instead of just laying on the bed wasting time and yes, I did the make the right decision.

I ended my day at 11pm yesterday. Brain was bombarded with different stuff, an intense meeting for my presentation tomorrow, a quick meeting for a proposal which is due on Monday then, attended a talk to know more information about the OutStreet marketing plan competition. I considered myself lucky to be able to talk to the founder of the website as I'm roughly having a plan to do something similar online too.

University's been treating me, uhm.. well I guess. It's the last stage of my life to not having any worries about the financial or the reality that no one's going to be there if you mess up. Well, right now all I know is that, time's going to pass by really fast just like how it did for the past 19 years. So, I'll just do what I can do, learn everything that I'm interested in and then just hope that I'll do well in the next 2 years.

They say, college moment will be the most kick-ass time in your life 'cause in university you'll just be busy with your assignments and preparing yourself for the outside world, having not much time left for yourself. Well I say, university life would definitely be one of the most exciting part of your life that you'll be glad to recall in the future, that's even better if you're studying over broad like me! :)

The challenge to balance yourself between studies and entertainment (including blogging and tweeting, according to my mom) then discipline yourself to wake up in time for the early morning classes, I personally think that's one hell of a huge achievement if you could do that. Constantly opening yourself to meet new people, regardless it's your peers or the grown-ups, that's one of my weakness that I wish to overcome before i graduate.

There's more I'll like to say, but I'll just save it for the next time. Right now, it's time for my speed revision then I'm off for a ballet preview show then followed by a meeting.

Be true to yourself, that's the only thing everyone wants from you.

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