Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Second semester

Back in Hong Kong, started my second semester yesterday. It was a long day, sat in the classes, met the new lecturers and was glad that all their English is understandable. :)

It's a short semester here in Hong Kong, only 4 months for this Spring. Within this 4 months, we have to go through countless quizzes, exams and team projects. Talk about team projects, that's what I fear most. Me being not so much of a people person, always have a hard time meeting and opening up myself to new people. That's a big problem when it's you're in university, 'cause basically you meet new people every single semester. If you're always keeping yourself comfortably in your own cocoon, trust me, you'll never going to get the most out of your university life!

I had to give up the business project in helping out ReDress because I need to focus more on my grades this semester. Well just hope everything goes fine this semester, or else I won't be able to enjoy my summer too.

Pretty much a depressing post to show how my new semester started. Just wish me luck people.

going simple, collecting checkered shirts.

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