Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of outings and food

Roti Canai

Mee Goreng

Roti Telur

Some late night yamcha session with the family at Kayu. (: Nothing ever beats a fresh roti telur! More pictures from Kayu since I had my lunch there on the first day of CNY too.

A friend from Hong Kong, Nikika came to Malaysia. We had brunch in Grandmama's. I treated her the Nasi Lemak and Banana Fritters with Ice Cream. I'm still puzzled why does Grandmama's and Madam Kwan have the similar menu when they're not even related.

After helping Nik to get a reasonable taxi driver to sent her to the airport I went back to Pavillion to meet up with Nana.

Lunch for me, Nana and Huan at Dragon-i. I gotta agree that Dragon-i does have better soup dumplings than Din Tai Fung, but I would still go to Din Tai Fung because of their varieties of soup dumplings!

Liu Sha Bao *yums*

After the hefty meal, I still had to try out the famous Chatime which everyone was tweeting back home while I was in Hong Kong previously.

Me and Nana present you with

Apparently it used to be so much better, having almost half cup of pearls in the milk tea. Well, to me all milk tea kinda tastes the same! Also in Hong Kong if you want to have awesome milk tea, grab Gong Cha. I tried it and again, it still tastes the same to me. :) But everyone's lovin' it here!

Ending my post with three more local snacks.



Pisang Goreng (Banana fritters)

All this blog updates with Malaysian food is baaaaad, now I miss the food! :(

Determination and discipline.

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