Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is the legal cheat sheet that I've been working on the whole afternoon. The temperature dropped below 10 degree celsius today. Me being unprepared, wrapped myself only with a long tee, singlet and a knitwear. While I was walking down the hallway I already regretted for not wearing a scarf.

First paper was alrighty. Much thanks to the cheat sheet I guess. It was a 3-hour paper but I finished it within 2 hours. Well since it's business stats, so it's either you know the answer or you don't. I manage to answer all the questions so I'm pretty satisfied with it.

Then on the way back, I almost died. The wind was so strong and when it blew on me, I just died inside couldn't take it, was so tempted to go down to Uniqlo and get a bomber jacket. Now, I'm starting to think how am I ever going to survive in Korea during January.

Done slacking updating, now me shall find some food and start on my revision. :)

no excuses, no lies , no broken promises, that's what a real guy will do.

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