Thursday, November 4, 2010

World's Coolest Intern Vid

Pulled an all nighter for this one-minute video 'cause I'm a noob in these kind of stuff. Luckily I enjoy doing editing if not I would have just died. HAHAHA! Neways, thanks for all the retweets and sharing for the links! 182 likes in less than 24 hours, of course I did force some of my friends to like it! BWAHAHA! :) Not going to spam you guys tonight as I'm heading out for some cocktail party. Still keep supporting me by encouraging your friends to like the page or view my vids ok? :)

I just re-read the e-mail for the cocktail party tonight. Apparently they changed the dress code, I'm screwed. As previously they allowed semi-formal, so I got myself a sweater instead of heels, dress and the make up stuffs yesterday night. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Lucky my I got myself a bargain at H&M when Huan was in HK last time. HKD100 for a dress, but it's not really a little black dress so right now I have the urge to go H&M and get a trench but no, I can't be that crazy or can I? :)

One more thing, I have no heels. EHEHE! Most of the people who know me, knows that I'm not a heel person. I wear flats or sneakers to club, talk about being sexy! :P So yeah, right now, I'm waiting for my senior's reply, hopefully I could get a pair of proper heels from her.

Okay! It's time for my to freak out now! Keep on sharing and tweeting the link aye! LOVE YOU GUYS LOADS! 

Next to you. Beside you. Near you. That's where I'll always want to be. - V.C

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