Monday, November 1, 2010

purple it is

Just to show you guys that the winter mood is slowly seeping in. On a random note, I'm having good food tonight with Ronny! :) Also, my last paper's tomorrow and lemme just say hi to November here too.

2 months and 6 days to go then I'll be back in Malaysia, having the awesome local food and mom's cooking! Can't wait but until that happens I have to go through my finals first.

I'm already so over the phase when I dread to chop off my fringe. Now I'm comfortable with it, just that I get a tad bit bored with my hairstyle at times. Yin Shi just commented on my tweet, curls or bangs, that I should get my bangs back. Well, I'll have my bangs when I'm back in Malaysia then! :D Wouldn't wanna risk my hair with the hairstylists here.

Purple it is, should I get the grey one? :) As for trench, dark blue or black?

You live life once, live it with no regrets. :)

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