Friday, November 26, 2010


That's one huge investment there I would say. Got mine 'cause the university was having this carnival fair and this was selling at a really low price compared to the online prices. I just went through a few tutorial videos and yep, definitely going to learn a few skills when I'm free.

I just screw up my quiz really badly just now even though I did prepare myself early this time. Totally disappointed with myself and felt really bad. I had Devilled Chicken in the campus cafe to keep my spirit up while having this informal meeting with my friends for the Accounting group assignment which is due on the last day of the semester. I'm trying to be ahead of the due dates of all the projects and assignments nowadays.

Weather's been quite cold recently. I've been putting on my fluffy socks for a few days in a row, comfy much and it's definitely a good purchase. I missed out the H&M x Lanvin release since I was almost suffocated by the amount of assignments and uni stuff. Heard from a friend that the line appears like it didn't exist even by the afternoon on the day of the launch itself. I wouldn't doubt my friend since I read a few tweets saying that people have been queueing up in front of H&M the night before the launch itself.

Okay enough for the updates for today. Back to hit the books! :)

that really meant a lot.

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