Thursday, October 7, 2010

yesterday and today

Today during one of my classes, our lecturer suggested us to wear some LOUD outfits. Well, I didn't exactly joined the crowd. Turns out only 4 people actually follow the theme. It was fun seeing them all dressed up anyways.

So apparently I am quite dumb over here. I hit the median for my accounting quiz. Seriously, I don't happen to say this often but FML to the max. :/ I'm not going to care about my weight anymore. I'm going to have more cookies, chips and milk to go through my revision time during night.

On a bright side of the note, yesterday, I just had my best meal over here in Hong Kong. It was a 4-course meal, right from appetizer to desserts  for free. So much for being a Global Business student. :D Food was really nice as it was catered by our university's bistro. I had their baked potato skin there once and it tasted superb too. :)

Yea, back to the free food. It was served during the Global Leadership Forum. This forum was attended by all the Global Business students and I thought it was just one of those boring talks in a lecture hall at first. Turns out only the first part of it was a talk given by the CEO of the Cafe de Coral on management innovation and the rest was basically mingling around. Well, almost every table was seated one or two of the staffs from Cafe de Coral. No doubt, I had a fruitful talk with them.

Last note, it's bloody stressful over here and I can't wait to get over this semester.

the old me just died.

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