Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i miss home

I miss everything back home. My bed, wardrobe, lamp, purple and grey walls of my room and also my brother's wardrobe. I miss my family so so much. I miss Malaysia's food badly. If only I had stay behind instead of coming here I wouldn't have such feeling then.

I miss my friends. So yesterday I saw Anson did something that reminded me of something familiar and right away, I miss my friends, just slipped right out of my mouth.

Those chats and conversations I shared with some of you guys occasionally, it really made me feel hell lot better.

Just had my 3-minute speech presentation done today. I think I screwed it up as well. Suddenly, I feel like I'm so dumb here. Accounting quiz was alright, would really like to get full marks for it but I doubt that'll happen.

Right after the quiz, me being me, pulled Asta down to Hang Hao for desserts. Coincidentally, I bumped into some of my course mates there. :) Asta got the famous pearl milk tea for Gong Cha and practised her speech with me while waiting for her drink. Sometimes a spontaneous trip out of the campus with the right person just makes my day better and me feeling less tensed.

Just catch me when I fall. :)

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