Monday, October 25, 2010

World's Coolest Intern


Ok, most of you guys have been hearing my ranting about how competitive the locals are right here. For me, I've actually been thinking of applying for internships for this upcoming winter as well. Crazy right? I know! Mixing around with most of the people here has kinda set me in the mood of finding a job and get a taste of what it's like to get your hard earn money. 

Lucky me, being a proud nuffnanger, I came across this announcement on their site. It's a tad late for me to compete with those who has prepared or spreaded their blogpost or youtube vids way long time ago. Although having that disadvantage, I'm not that worried as I pretty sure I'm the coolest of them all. *cough* And to prove that, my beloved friends, stalkers and readers, please bear with me for this narcissistic post.

Brief introduction of myself

I'm Su Ann, I blog and tweet as anndaprincess. I have a big appetite; I set my own trend. You can see me in the library from on the weekdays and painting the town red on the weekends. I work hard and smart, always strive to be the best. Never satisfied being a runner up. I was born and raised in Malaysia, currently studying in HK.

Why am I cool enough for the intern? 
*the COOL word is going to be overuse in the post*

1.You're currently reading a not so-ordinary-girl's blog. The girl who's currently studying in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, taking up the most elite course in Hong Kong, BBA Global Business. Mention it to anyone from Hong Kong about this course, and they'll go waaaa! :D

Here's how you differentiate me. Who the hell actually thinks of studying in HK!? :) Yep, the crazy girl is me. I'm different and different is cool. Okay, that's abit forceful to put those two words together but anyhoo, the cool word is frequently being misused by the youngsters nowadays. :P

2. I own a Twitter, Facebook and a blog. DUH! :D I used to own a blogshop when I was back in Malaysia. I find my own way to promote my blog on different platforms, deal with nasty customers and juggle my time between college and the blog shop.

I'm passionate about fashion and so I tend to think out of the box instead of doing things following the norm. I am not the regular business student in a black suit that you find everywhere, I am the one who fits for the coolest intern that you're offering.

3. Moving on, I'm planning to pick Marketing. Being the reason is that I love knowing what's going on with the market that we're dealing with and what do we have to change to adapt with it. Or we decide to initiate a difference letting our competitors being our followers, which is what Breeze is doing right now. Constantly brain-storming on new plans, improvising the old ones, is an exciting task to deal with everyday. I'm a efficient team player and leader, a good listener and criticizer. I challenge and set targets for myself instead of sitting there waiting to be delegated. Ok, this paragraph kinda bores me too. :(

4. After all the readings on business stuffs, I bet that most of you think that I'm a newbie to technology stuff. Well, I can't fully deny it but I can confidently say that I'm one of the quickest learner that you'll every meet. I manage to figure out HTML on my own without any help. Now, please that's cool, pretty please. :)

5. Plus point for me! I get readers far from my home like the Sates, Sweden and sometimes Norway. HAHAHA! I think that I manage to do so as I have a Lookbook account. Now that's another thing cool about me!

I won't say I'll be the best person with all the qualifications needed by Breeze when compared to all the competitors out there. Anyhoo, I can guarantee that I'm the coolest person that anyone would like to meet and work with. Oh and by the way, a respond to the vid above, I'm young, fresh from college and as good looking as Mr V. :D

By the way guys, it would be a huge favor to me if  you share the link, retweet or spread the words about my blog to everyone around you! Thanks!

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