Tuesday, October 12, 2010

50th day

It's my 50th day here.  The collage was made from the photos taken by Photobooth. I'm starting to settle down here. Not using "it sucks here"to reply whenever people asks how am I doing in Hong Kong.

Midterms' starting from next week onwards and I'm no where near the phrase fully prepared. Let's just pray that I can stay far away from and above the mean mark this time.

Weather's slowly turning colder right now and I'm already switching from shorts to long jeans. Anyhoo, the weather today was perfect. Sunshine in the morning and it also wasn't too hot in the afternoon. Me and my friends went over to Po Lum for lunch at Chui Wah, one of the famous coffee shop chain in Hong Kong. Food price was tad pricey and the food I ordered today wasn't so nice either. I was having a bit heartache as I had to forked out so much money for a really bad food. :( BUT, I did enjoyed my meal the first time there and so this bad experience won't stop me from going there yet.

I manage to stay in the library with my books until the library was about to close tonight *pats self*. Also, pulled myself from the temptation for a karaoke session with the course mates. :)

Let's play a game. In this game, you're mine. :)

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