Monday, September 20, 2010

working station

my work station

Right now sitting at my work station blogging. So I just came back from a talk about networking, it's the 3rd talk I've attended since I came here. People here are moving at a fast pace, faster than the international students I would say. Every time I seek advices from the seniors about interns, jobs opportunities and some case competitions, I always get the same answer, it depends on what you want. Well, back to the fast pace I was mentioning, the locals tend to be all moving towards the same direction and goals which is to be involve in the bank industry. I can say that I haven't met a local who's in the business school that said he or she wants to be in other industry other than banking. This really bothers me as I always come to a point where I would ask myself What do I really want? How do I get achieve it?

The warning for typhoon signal number 3 has been released this afternoon. Everyone's hoping that a typhoon signal number 8 will come and so the class would be cancel. I'm now keeping my hopes that high 'cause it's tad impossible to happen as for the past records it has only happened a once in 3 years. Anyhow, I still went over to Park n Shop, a Hong Kong's chain convenient store to stock up cup noodles, drinking water and marshmallow. Not because of fear, just to join in the stock up crowds.

So the university schedule has finally hit me with assignments to pass up and a quiz to attend next week. Ironically, being a business student, my first class for every week and the first quiz I'm going to attend is for Biochemistry. Hopefully I'll get all my preparations done so I can get myself a haircut on Thursday.

Yep finally a proper post on how my university life is like.

it's there for a right reason.

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