Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Healthy lifestyle

This is what will happen when you pass by a convenient store on the way back to your hall everyday. I grab a carton of milk after having my meal or the camping session in the library. It's the only drink that makes me feel healthy here. I had fruit juice, yoghurt drink and chinese tea only once here.

As for food, every time I step in to their cafeteria, the simplest meal I opt for is their roasted duck rice. When I feel like saving up some moolah, porridge will be my choice. Mind you, Hong Kong's porridge will always be better than the ones back in Malaysia. :P Then as for some expensive stuff, it'll be spaghetti served in Hong Kong style or the coffee shop which is always pack with the international students. This coffee shop serves western food, like the panini which I blogged about previously.

During the weekends, for the past 2 weeks, me and my friends had our dinners at the Food Republic in the Hollywood Plaza. Well similar to the Food Republic we have back in Pavillion, many varieties of foods are served here. I usually spent up to HKD50 right here. That's only once in a week, so yeah being a food lover I don't mind spending more on food at times.

Snacks I munch on. Marks & Spencer's Redcurrant Puffs which mama usually gets when I was back home and Lay's. I don't really know how much does a tube of Lay's costs in Malaysia but here it's only HKD11.90 and my friend said it was cheaper so I stock up this brand. 

I've gained 2kgs here. It's time for gym, not now, after I'm done with my quiz and assignment. :D

David Guetta never goes wrong.

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