Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bad news

So today could have just been the one of the bad days since I came to UST but a video and a picture totally saved my life. Starting off with receiving an e-mail by the business school informing that the Ohio study trip has been cancelled since there weren't many applicants. Then only after the cancellation I know that Mr Loh, one of the hardcore supporter of Uncle Seng is actually in Ohio State University. Seriously, damn potong steam! I would really like to meet a friend of mine in a total different setting, that would definitely be fun. But anyhoo, that can't happen for now I guess. :( Like what Jolyn mentioned on Twitter, yao yuen mou fun.

Then the results for the biochemistry was also released, to my dismay I hit the bloody mean mark. I kinda feel bad 'cause I know didn't really put much effort in it. Well, no point crying over a spilt milk aye. So I'm just gonna be a total nerd from now onwards to punish myself. :P

The video uploaded was found on MySpace and I can't get the html to post it up here and so you guys will need to click here. Trust me, it's definitely worth exercising your finger. :D

Then, it was this picture that Jade posted on Facebook made me laughed out while I was Skype-ing with Kai Bin.

The tumblr nail art blog that's shared by both of them is called Chibi Nails. Sorry girls, I just had to post this up, it definitely made my day.

Another one which I found on Tumblr yesterday was this, the face in the last box is so EPIC.

I can so imagine someone giving me that expression the next time I sing this hit song to them again. :D

I only take what I deserve, nothing more than that.

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