Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to somewhere familiar

This is one of my favourite local food here, Zha Liong. I had it when I went to Mongkok on my own last Sunday. I was dreading to go back there since I came here and finally I had the chance to do so. It was quite a big portion for me but I manage to finish it anyways. For the past few times when I went there with my family, we could share out the food and order more varieties like porridge and noodles. I did blog about this local coffee shop previously here.

Being in the library whole day with books and occasionally on Facebook and Tumblr actually drains my energy. Well, I really need to get use to this lifestyle or else I won't know how to enjoy my life anymore. I miss mom's cooking, everything here makes me feel unhealthy. I hate that I sound like an aneroxic right now. 

Friday's a public holiday again, still contemplating whether to go party for the last time before mid-term or just go to somewhere in the city and experience the crowd. I'm thinking of Causeway Bay for the awesome porridge I had with mom and bro the last time we were here. :)

i'm dumb just liddat.

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