Monday, August 23, 2010

Before leaving

They say, I never heard anyone saying they would go Hong Kong to study

They ask, why Hong Kong? 

One of the funniest response I got when I said I'm going to Hong Kong was, hey it's not funny la, SERIOUSLY where are you going!

So after all the preparations, dilemma I went throught when I was choosing either HKU or HKUST, the gan jiong feeling when I was waiting for the phone interview all the way from Hong Kong (for that I skipped a class and looked at the phone), the moody feeling I got when everyone had already got stheir conditional offers except me, the overjoy-ness I had when I knew I've made it for Global Business course, I'M HERE NOW all prepared with a red luggage bag, which is bigger-sized than me and 2 hand carry bags.

Been spending times with friends right before I left, when back then my luggage was still unpacked. Yesterday night, I had another round of Starker with the guys. Anyway thanks for the shooters too. Well, hopefully I'll manage to do all the essential stuffs during the upcoming week. With all the orientation week schedule to follow, making time for the application for HKID and open a bank account. All I need is to stay focus and be discipline to follow the plans laid down. :D

Some goodbyes had to start with See you next summer, that's like a year to go and it hit me like, MAN I'M ONLY GOING TO SEE THIS PEOPLE NEXT YEAR. :( But some was better, I'll be seeing them in December. My regret would be that I couldn't have a proper gathering with my classmates before I leave. :(

Anyways, wish me luck people in making friends! BWAHAHAHA! :D *xianhuipleasedon'tsmackme*

may the person sitting beside me not be a weird ah pek or an auntie who snores, thank you.

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