Thursday, August 26, 2010

3rd day

It's my second morning but third day here. :P Woke up a tad late today since there isn't anything on the schedule until 11.30am. Not only that, I've been waking up on and off for no reasons, guess that I'm worried that I'll overslept since I don't have a roommate yert. I've been spending my last two nights in Ikea, looking for stuffs to make my room more homie. :) Although I got Hall I which is the oldest hall on campus but it's okay I guess. Shorter distance to the classes, plus the arrangement of the room isn't much different from the Hall VII. One thing that makes you happy over there is the toilet which is only shared by 4 people if you get the twin sharing and the EFFING awesome view from their common room! Sorry I just had to use the word. :D

Just went thru my cam to upload some pictures to only realise that I haven't took any pictures which gives the feeling that I'm in Hong Kong. So later then if you guys are waiting for it.

By the way, their internet connection here is fast, like REALLY FAST. A picture sized 5mb which usually takes up a few minutes on Photobucket only took me a few seconds here. :)

Quick pics on those who've been there with me during my last two days in Malaysia.

 Thanks to these crazy people for being at the airport to send me off on Tuesday.

Hanson; Kai Lee; Kai Bin; Ting

The second last night was with the guys since no girls could make it. :( Well if it wasn't for IMU's orientation day, someone could have just went out of control. LOL! Okay maybe not, we're all good kids. :P

Do you see Benj

Guess that's all for a quick update, shall prepare myself for the lunch or uhm, brunch later. :D Toodles!

songs in my iPod are the things that make me feel I'm still home.

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