Thursday, July 1, 2010

CAL Grad Ball 2010

Finally got all the pictures done with their watermark on it. So right after my last A2 paper, xianhui was already waiting for us, me, Mabel and Medalynn outside our campus. As what xianhui said in her SMS to three of us, we embarked our journey to the ocean without any delay. The theme for our graduation ball was Atlantis Odyssey and so that's why the ocean thing came up. :D Enough said, pictures' up.

Before the ball.



Wanru, Medalynn & Mabel

Mabel & Xian Hui


Mabel, Wanru & Medalynn

I consider us girls arriving the reception area fashionably late. The event started with a short video clip done by the council. Awesome piece of work I would say. Food was satisfying and I think overall everyone enjoyed themselves. The highlight of the night would be the dance performance by our lecturers. Too bad I couldn't catch a really nice picture of their performance. :(

Prom King & Queen nominees

Joker of the Year - Finn

Best Dressed nominee - Amarpreet

Best Dressed nominee - Jolyn

As for our special guest performance, we had Caprice.

Now, pictures of me with my friends. Starting off with pictures of me and my classmates from 0901PB2.

Chin Cheah, Jia QiJia Wen

me & Jia Qi

me & 0901PB2's prom queen, Chin Cheah

the ladies :)

Joker & the Beauty

me & Finn

me & Jade

me in between the couple :P

The class couple, EC and Xin Yi

Class picture, missing out Alisa & Ken Wei

Done with my homies, now the pictures of me with the fun people I met in college.

With the 0901PL1's girls

Astin & me

me & Jack

me, EKJolyn

Shermayne, Xian Hui & me

Brian & me

me & Yin Shi

The Boy Band

Kee Chong & me

me, Astin & her friend

The trio bestie :)

Jeremy, me, Joey & Cherli

me & Jeremy

me & the fun-nest couple I've ever known, Ju-Hann & Amanda

Most "LIKE" picture in my FB album

The couple :)

Our prom king, Prashan, Mabel & me

Lastly, me.

Dress: Salabianca
Flats: TeeToo
Heels: Vincci

Ended our night with a short booze session, then a football game. :) Some of us even had our McD breakfast before we crawled up our beds.

Ok, now I'm done with one super long overdue post. :D

Tomorow I shall unleash my MNG-CRAZE.

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