Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Secret Recipe

Cheese Choc ; Secret Recipe

After craving for a slice of cake the whole night yesterday, I finally had it. I'm a happy girl now. :D Thanks papa and mama!

Just watched the men's single badminton match just now. I was cheering and cursing throughout the match and mama was beside me. She told me instead of cursing I should just say OH NO. Imagine the guys doing that during a football game, o-emm-gee that would be so gay. AHAHAH anyway, mind you guys, my cursing was only SHIT, nothing to do with mama or your grandpa. :D

Just found this gem on How2Shop.

Yes, I have a thing for classy, big, black bags. Unfortunately, this comes with a shocking price tag. So I guess I'll just have to stop dreaming and get back to my books.

it's nice having friends who write beautiful things.

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