Friday, May 14, 2010


the pink stuffs

People often ask me.
Hey, why are all your stuffs in pink?

I'll go like.
Where got? It's just the mechanical pencil, my Iphone, my water bottle, the highlighter and the pencil case.

Wait, that's practically everything which I lug out when I'm in the library.
Uhm, coincidence? I'm not a big fan of pink, seriously.

Then they'll give me the i-don't-believe-you kind of face. LOL!

Makes me wonder, WHY ARE ALL MY STUFFS IN PINK? Till now, I still can't find the answer. :P

milo cereal and milk

Okay, mama was pouring the milk. I couldn't really get the good effect of the milk splashing 'cause mama is not as artistic as me. CHEYY. It's ok mama, I still love you so. EHEHE!

So today morning, my brother was blasting Big Bang's song in the toilet at 6.35 am, I was super pissed. That only gave me 4 hours of sleep. It's super frustrating to wake up in such a situation. Not that I don't like Big Bang, in fact I'm listening to G-Dragon's Heartbreaker right now. It's just that I only want 6 hours of nice rest and I couldn't even get that. That's the thing that blew me off the top. Yes, never try to wake me up from my sleep unless if I told you to do so.

Walked out to the nearest grocery around 10 plus in the morning to get my milk. It's nice being under the sun again. :) Milo cereal totally made up the pain I suffered from the migraine and the cranky-ness today.

That's all for now then. Enjoy your Friday! Those who're gonna party, do party hard; those who are having exams, please study! :D Till then, xoxo.

sometimes i do wonder, if i had taken fashion m&m, what would my life be like?

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